Shaping and sublimating the material with excellence.

    Sense of details

    It is in France that AYNTON manufactures all its pieces, ready to wear like leather goods.


    AYNTON polo shirts are fashioned in a French workshop, located in Troyes (capital of hosiery for more than 30 years), recognized by the greatest luxury players for its expertise in knitwear.


    AYNTON leather bags are made in our workshop of high leather goods founded in 1948 in Paris, world center of the arts.

    Matières nobles AYNTON

    This is the essence of French know-how

    A couture spirit supported by the selection of noble materials, refined finishes and a patronage calculated to the millimeter.

    Amour des gestes AYNTON

    The magic of the gesture

    To melt on all the morphologies in the manner of a second skin. Assert yourself as the accomplice of your silhouette at every moment of the day or every sporting moment.
    Imagine elegant and comfortable outfits summarizes all our know-how.

    Broderie AYNTON

    Artisanal feat

    The embroidery of the French bulldog is a real art allowing a visual rendering alive thanks to the work of graphic precision (987 points of embroidery) and to the artisanal know-how of our Lyonnais workshop.


    Pima cotton : The matter of excellence for your skin

    Plante de coton Pima

    An exceptional material for millennia

    Why Pima cotton?
    The AYNTON polo has been designed to take advantage of this natural, ancestral, very healthy material that grows in northern Peru, in the Piura region for more than 4000 years.

    For millennia, it has always been used by the Andean peoples for its great qualities.
    A unique way to develop a jersey rich in shades of textures and with an authentic rendering.

    Piqué de coton Pima mercerisé

    Mercerized pique

    This Pima cotton, fruit of a unique work in the weaving, brings a brilliance and a disconcerting resistance.

    Honeycomb dive

    Woven by a multitude of innovative craftsmanship and techniques, this cotton delivers a real richness with its breathable texture.

    Lightweight stretch piqué

    Aynton's stretch technology provides increased ease of movement and body heat regulation during intense efforts.



    The cloakroom is inspired by sports of elegance and French chic to establish a conversation with a community that can appreciate a beautiful dressing like a nice collection of cars.

    Behind the AYNTON style, there is the very idea of an obsession with a man and a subtle, audacious and elegant woman at any time. For him as for her clothes are a second skin, beautiful pieces made of noble and responsible materials that give confidence.


    AYNTON man and woman with a racy and casual look, free and impertinent move through time, well undermined wherever they go in an impeccable look.


    AYNTON creations suggest a requirement, a sophisticated taste but without ostentation. An affection for clean lines and noble materials like a polo dive and sneakers or leather weekend bag. The cuts are modern, the textures refined.


    This man and woman are moving, their silhouettes are athletic. A marathon runner, at ease as well in the effort as in the representation.


    Polo: a real symbol of freedom, he / she wears it in a chic outfit accompanied by a leather bag emphasizing the elegance of their look.
    The daring touch is always there in a detail, a curve, a seam, a color.


    A lifestyle. A choice. Your choice.




    Sacs cuir

    Innovate using the existing

    We work with a Parisian leather workshop and a famous French tannerie, which provide the big names in luxury leather goods.

    Noble raw materials, from the production of the top 10% of leathers in France or Italy.
    A circular economy logic via eco-design, creating from existing raw materials in unused and immobilized stocks of luxury homes and associated suppliers.

    It is this quality of leather that guarantees our pieces durability, touch, and exceptional visual rendering.

    Natural grain smooth calf leather

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    The sportswear philosophy